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An Idea is Born

Living in a small town and finding the industrial decor my soul craved was nearly impossible and driving a couple hours for a vase was out of the question. Thirsty for knowledge, I took to Pinterest and Youtube for DIY tutorials on concrete products. Once I got the basics of making molds and what concrete works best, my mind began swirling with ideas of things I wanted to make. I went from wanting to learn how to make a planter pot for myself, to wanting to CONCRETE. ALL. THE. THINGS. This is what sparked my initial idea to start up a business. I mean, if I wished there was a local place to get a variety of concrete items, maybe other people did too. Months of thinking and dreaming went by, and one day I mentioned my idea to a friend. Her reaction was just the positive push I needed to get my shovel in the dirt. And so, Concrete & Vines Design was cemented! I am so excited to start designing and collaborating with my customers to create the perfect concrete item they have also been dreaming about.


About Ang

Hi, Im Ang, your concrete designer and owner of Concrete & Vines Design. I am the proud wife of a hardworking railroader and stay at home mom of 2 adorable kids. Before having kids, I went to college to become an addictions counselor, and I worked as a server for 13 years. I was born in Toronto, but moved to Campbellford when I was 10, and I consider it to be my “hometown”. I moved to Trenton when I was 21, and met my husband, Ben, 2 years later. Ben is a true Frankfordian, born and raised. His parents still live in the same house he grew up in. Ben and I built our forever home in Frankford a few years ago and I love our location and neighbourhood. I feel very blessed to be able to raise our children here.

I LOVE all things concrete. There is something mesmerizing about the strength and structure it can bring to a room. The versatility of it makes it a dream product. Raw, rugged and untouched, is a beautiful sight. Add some colour, gold leaf or jewels and instantly it transforms into something glamorous. There is literally a concrete style to meet everyone's needs.
Thank you for joining me on this journey, I can't wait to make your concrete dreams a reality.